Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Watch for the Women on Saturday Night!

Women are crazy.  I will tell you why.  When men go to Priesthood session in Utah, all the women gather to Deseret Book.  Let me just say, it is madness!  Why you ask, did I get caught up in this madness?  One: 20% off everything, Two: Lottery for prizes, Three: Grand prizes were three $400 pictures.  Four: my good Friend Staci was working there. Bonus: Door Prize for the first 200 people, hence the line..
 I am glad I got my friend Mandy to come with me!
 I thought about taking pictures with one more grand prize to go..  It is beautiful and in the bottom left corner of the next picture..
 I was sad I didn't win the grand prize, so I bought a new temple bag and some good books!  I did however win a CD which made my day.  :)  I dont know the lady, but she was there and I had her sign it.  :)  sweet!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Missing Australia

I wish I could be back in Australia.  I dont like these finals looming over me.

 I miss my big brother, Mark.  On big trips we used to be partners cuz we were the only ones not married.  I am glad we both married awesome people though.  :)  I like my roomie now 
 I miss the koala that I pet.  He was a cool guy..pretty chill
 OH AUSTRALIA.  Let me go back someday..this time with Brian!

Finals, you are not my favorite