Sunday, February 26, 2012

What the heck is egg plant?

I love my husband!  He is so sweet to me.  The other day in our bountiful basket, we got egg plant.  I have never EVER had egg plant in my life!  Well, when I got it, my first reaction was, what the heck is this weird looking oval object?  I was not about to cut open that thing..So Brian said he would find a recipe where we could use the eggplant.  
Wow, he started making it!!  This is what egg plant looks like...  I was so happy to see Brian doing dinner.

Wait a sec, what is this?  lol..we were a team.  We dipped the slices in egg then cooked the eggplant with some cornflakes on either side.  We then laid the pieces in tomato sauce

At this point, I was fearing what this stuff would taste like....

We topped it with some cheese and cooked it for a while.  We dont have a picture of the final result, but Brian told me after the stuff cooked for a little bit that we needed to make some noodles.  When it came out of the oven, I realized what we had made!  YUMMY eggplant and sauce for spaghetti!  It was DELISH
 Onto Valentines Day.  Again I love my husband, and he loves me...and knows the way to my heart is by CHOCOLATE!!
Yes that is right, CHOCOLATE covered cinnamon bears!  They are delicious!

MMM..Chocolates and a beautiful rose.  I love my hubby  :)

Thanks for Reading!  :)