Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Bri-guy had a birthday :)

So last week was Brian's birthday.  I love that boy so much!  Last year, I was so nervous for his birthday because I could not think of one darn thing that I wanted to give him or anything he even needed.  He always says he has everything he needs.  This year though, I was ready for him.  I was listening for anything he mentioned he needed so I could get it. I definitely listened and figured out what he needed.  He kept seeing the online statements and was wondering what in the world I was buying for him and he was getting a little nervous.  The night before his birthday, I got all his presents from under the bed and wrapped them.  I got too excited looking at the presents as I wrapped them.  I loved making the excuse the night before Brians birthday that we should open up just one of his presents..So we did..Then we opened all the other ones....oopsie!

 One of the gifts was a blender.  No this is not symbolic of me being the bread winner and him being the homemaker (get off my back, Father of the Bride).  He just loves making smoothies...and ours broke recently.  I used one of our wedding gift cards that we still have and went out and got him one! Although he did not specifically say he needed anything for his birthday, just like last year, I heard him say he needed a new backpack.  I also know that I am going to be driving to and from work and he will be biking for clinicals at 5am, so I got him a bike light so he wont get hit by anyone. 

He said his birthday was perfect as we went to green lantern, out to texas roadhouse, ate ice cream with friends, etc.  Yesterday though, I realized what he truly was looking forward to...He ordered this last week around his birthday..  Hmm..He doesnt want anything?  Apparently, that is not true.. Look what we got in the mail yesterday...

Lol...He sure is cute..Im happy he got something he wanted and not just things he needed.  Happy Birthday, Boy.  I love you.  :)

Experimental Foods

So, whatever you have heard about me is not true. I do make foods every once in a while!  Spaghetti, tacos, burritos, ramen (so my favorite food), potatoes in any form (especially chip)!!  Before I got my new job, I had a few hours a day without Brian as he went off to school.  I did something I have never done before..I planned meals for a whole week, grocery shopped for those foods (only chose recipies where I had mainly all ingredients), and successfully made everything on my list!  One night we had stuffed peppers, which turned out REALLY good.  Thank you family cookbooks for awesome recipes!  I will have to make it again and take pictures...SO good.

About the third night, we had PIZZA!  for our wedding, a family gave us a pizza pan with a Quick pizza dough recipe.  Needless to say, we were eating that pizza within 45 minutes!  We have had this pizza a good four times within the last 3 weeks.  This was taken on the second make.  Must I say, twas delish. (half was a man's pizza, meat thrown on top)
 It sure looks good!  Im proud of myself.. :)

Onto one of the the next things I made.  I was able to make 100% whole wheat bread!  I have never made bread in my life, let alone GRINDED MY OWN WHEAT!  A few weeks ago, Brian and I went to his family's house.  Brian has been hinting to me that he would love it if I learned a couple of things from his mom.  Welp, first on the list was the homemade bread of course!  Brian used to take half a loaf to school for his lunches, he obviously likes it.  While at Brians house, his mom pulled out a huge bucket of wheat, a grinder, and a bread maker and said we were to make bread!  It was a lot of fun (and way messy) as we grinded the wheat and made the bread.  After making the delicious bread, Brian's mom handed me the bucket of wheat, the grinder, and the bread maker and said I could have it!  I am so grateful!

First attempt all by myself without her help.
How did I do!!?  Although it was a little burnt, Brian said it was pretty good!  Thanks hun!

Also, Brians family visited...and I wanted them to think we are healthy....
I think I may have gone overboard....
Well, It was fun to be home for two weeks and make a few plates of food.  I really am going to have to put the pizza dough recipe up soon.  It is SO good.  Thanks for reading!