Monday, July 18, 2011

You know when you have a Case of the MONDAYS

All you wanna do is lay in bed alll day!  but you have to go to work.  Work will be over in 2 weeks though, which is so nice.  We will be heading back to Provo in about 3 weeks and we plan to PARTY until Brian starts school again.  After working so hard this whole summer, Brian and I have decided within the next 5 weeks we are going to:
Go to Six Flags over Texas
Go to Nauvoo with my parents (maybe)
Move back to Utah
Hike Squaw peak
Hike the Y
Go to 7 Peaks
Go mini golfing to our hearts content
Go to Idaho for Brian's good friend, Nate's wedding
visit Brian's family
Ride horses 
Get another job
switch my name to Hayes finally
Make our apartment cute
One goal I have that will start in the next month or so is to be more social with people!  Make new friends and have home made Ice Cream parties every week!  Christensen cousins ice cream parties every month (with a little dibby dip)
These next five weeks will be so great!!  I am excited for a little time off from reality.  Brian and I definitely need it.  :)
I will definitely miss this girl, however....