Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hair part 2/Happenings

Here is Part two to my hair post.  Some people wanted pictures of my hair.  This was taken Sunday night after church.  My hair is CURLY!!  :)

I have been feeling really blessed in the last couple months with friends and family.  Anytime Brian and I feel like doing something crazy, our good friends Trever and Mandy are on board! For instance...
We really love when our friends come to visit.  Just last night, we had them over for dinner.    Mandy and I experimented with the brussle sprouts, made broccoli and potatoes, and yummy lemon honey chicken.  I think the boys enjoyed their party too...
Playing Halo.  

I cant fully skip over Christmas, now could I?  We got to go spend a week for Christmas at Brian's parents.  It was a lot of fun!  We went to a ward Christmas party.  Santa even came!  He looked way familiar...
 Can you guess why he looked so familiar? :)

The night before Christmas Eve, Jeff and Brian set up a tent.  Jeff's tent is no ordinary tent, it has a stove in it... Yes you heard me.  It was 20 degrees outside, but in the tent it was at least 60 degrees!    Here is a shot of our set up for movie night
 Emily, Jeff and I are ready for Sherlock Holmes

Christmas day was wonderful!  There were SO many presents.  I really loved spending my first Christmas away from my mom and dad with Brian's wonderful family.  
 Mom even gave me a cup of Cocoa!  I love her.  She obviously knows the way to my heart ;)

We got a lot of loot.  Harry Potter 7.2 and then the next gift was Harry Potter 1-7.1! 
 What a great Christmas picture of us!!!  :)  I love that boy next to me.
Notice the big box?  A griddle!  Yay!  
I totally broke my griddle by pushing it off the microwave..long story

Sadly, I couldn't stay any longer than December 26th.  Mom, Jeff, Sam, and Emily decided to come visit us over new years!  We had a lot of fun and even got some shooting in while they were here.  Yeah, not what Jeff would call "ideal", but it was certainly fun!
Gone Shootin' at Cabelas :)

Friday, January 13, 2012


I have had so many different experiences with my hair throughout the years.  I have to admit, I am not the best at making good decisions when it comes down to my hair.  When I was a Sophomore in High School, I decided I wanted to have curly hair.  Every other girl around had beautiful wavy/curly hair.  I was so envious.  I went to a family friend and asked her if she could perm my hair.  She said she would give me a trial perm because she didn't think my hair would hold any sort of curl.  I went in and got the back and underside of my hair permed.  It stayed for about 48 hours, then fell out!  Yeah, my hair is just that straight guys.
I had a better plan...
My Freshman year of college, I went home and got myself a perm.  When the lady asked me how tight I wanted the curls, I said that my hair wouldn't hold curl so as tight as possible would do.  She decided to do the smallest rings to my hair, then keep the product in twice as long.  Not my smartest decision.  My hair came out fried!  I tied it back all of the time or put it in piggy tails or braided it.  I obviously avoided the camera as well since this is about the only picture I have with that hair.

Oh don't worry, my hair didn't fall out.  I did however have to wait 2 full years for my hair to grow out.  The perm started looking funny about 5 months later.  My hair was straight about 4 inches, then the hair took a 90 degree turn and POOFED into a ball of ugliness, not to mention coloring my hair brown soon after perming my hair.

I learned my lesson

I have always wanted curly hair, and still do wish for a little body every once in a while.  My husband knows how much I love curly hair and for Christmas, He got me THE WAND!
If you know anything about the wand, you know it heats up to 450 degrees and only takes 20 minutes to do your hair.  AMAZING!  I just realized i don't have a picture of my hair done with the wand, but I promise, it looks a lot like this
I love how well this works.  I would have never been a believer in such a product because nothing has ever held curl as well as this thing does, but it really works!  I am pretty excited and happy about that Christmas gift.  I have an amazing husband who got a great gift that i only mentioned once.  :)  He is the best.  I will have to post another picture soon of my curly hair.