Friday, August 26, 2011

Oklahoma City Zoo

Brian and I went to the Oklahoma City Zoo before we came back to Utah.  It was a ton of fun as we walked around in the heat that could kill a person.  All the lions were put inside because of the heat.  113 degrees is no laughing matter.  Disappointingly, We did not get the chance to see lions, but we saw a ton of other animals!
My favorite friend was this big Grey backed Gorilla.  I think I liked him the most because he slept right by the window for us to see.  One of the lady gorillas poked him in the bottom and he sat STRAIGHT up!  He was staring at me in the window..we were face to face.  ;)

 This is just a good looking pic of us in the Zoo.  I liked it
 Cant go to a zoo without seeing Zebra!  That was fun too

Although it was hot, and most of the animals acted dead, it was very fun to go and see one of the top Zoos in America with Brian.