Thursday, October 6, 2016

Quick Trip to Paris France

I love family. Brian was nice enough to let me buy us tickets on the bullet train to go see my cousin, Vaughn who was in Paris on a trip with his school. He had a Saturday free for us to spend all day with him.  We hopped on the bullet train early in the morning on July 30th to see him.  I think Brian really enjoyed the bullet train because he could read all the way to Paris, and wasn't stressed out about the driving in traffic and tolls. When we landed in Paris, we hopped on a metro subway train to meet Vaughn at Notre Dame
Notre Dame Cathedral
We met him there, and immediately found a Crepe shop. It was essential and necessary to keep a crepe or ice-cream in our hands the whole time.  We ended up taking a metro to the Catacombs of Paris.  Did you know that underneath Paris, there are 6 million bones in the catacombs?

The skulls are in the shape of a heart. awe!

It was so fun to see a cousin over here in Europe!
We actually had to wait a while in line to see the catacombs, but it was perfect because we were able to catch up with Vaughn.  Next time he comes to Europe, I hope he brings his wife!  Next, we headed for the Arch de Triumph where we watched the traffic going around the Arch for a good hour. How people don't have wrecks, I will never know. I did look up some information on accidents at the roundabout, and apparently it is the only place in Paris where insurance companies ask no questions and divide the cost of damages 50/50.  On our way to the Arch, I told the boys I would need a bathroom in the next couple minutes.  We found an area that said Toilettes, with an arrow. We followed it!

It was a Toilet bathrooms for use..
I found somewhere else, no worries.  We then took off for some yummy food! Vaughn was trying to find a place where he could try out Veal.  He was on a school trip and learned a lot about the Veal in paris. Apparently, it is one of the best foods in Paris.

Pretty sure, none of us got Veal. I got cheek though!
After the Arch de Triumph, we headed over to see the Eiffel tower light up!
The Arch de Triumph

We loved seeing Vaughn!

Thanks for the fun times, Vaughn! Glad we could see you for a day.  
Speaking of cousins, before leaving for Paris, we said goodbye to Malee and her family. It was sad to see them go. We made sure to get some Gelato before they took off back to the states. We miss you guys!
Ella, Luke, Malee, and Kaytee