Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Killer Waves of the Bahamas!

Thats right, my family and I went on a Cruise to the Bahamas!  There is one thing I would like to talk about in this post, and that is:  THE KILLER WAVES!  One stop on the cruise was in Nassau.  My family grabbed the first scooters we could find and headed around the island and to the beach!  We walked through the Atlantis hotel to get to the beach.  Before we got there, a guy inside of the hotel who was completely wet pointed and said, the beach is that way and it is AWESOME!  When we got to the beach, there were people braving the SCARIEST waves I have ever seen.  As us gals were putting our towels down to sunbathe, the men ran straight into the water.  Within the first 5 minutes, we saw ladies getting hammered by waves and witnessed a man rescue one lady who must have gotten hit hard by the wave, cuz the top of her swimsuit ....became her bottoms...  The waves were so close to the beach and they were extremely high.  Brian claims that while riding one particular wave, he looked down and saw only sand.  Scary!  He came out of that with sand alllll over in his hair and back.  Here are a couple pictures of that particular day at the Beach.

Brian is a monkey :)

Jennifer is cute

 Party on the scooters
 ...Oh the sand in the hair...
 This would be Samantha running quickly from the wave which may just kill her
 Yes, that is Brian riding that wave...what you do not realize is how shallow it is right under that wave...
 If you look close enough, that is a foot...
 There is a head in this photo
 The boys after being beat up by the waves...
Brian trying the waves again
It was a great and scary day.  Hopefully I will update about the rest of the trip sometime soon

Monday, November 8, 2010

Do you feel sorry for us?

Oh my oh my..  Both Brian and I are going to have quite the week this week. We are going to be jamming every school project, paper, and test into this week that is due for the rest of this month!  There will be many papers due for both of us, and a test that I have to figure out how to fit in before Friday.Not to mention, it is SO cold here!
Why are we doing this you ask?  Well we are going back to our honeymoon spot, thats why!  We are going to the Bahamas on a cruise with a ton of my family!  My brothers Aaron, Bryan, Dennis and Mark are going to be on the cruise ship with their lovely wives (Kim, Donna, Erica, and Samantha), then my sister Jennifer and I will have our wonderful husbands with us (Ben and Brian).  My parents will be coming along for the party, as well as about 10 cousins and their wives/husbands.  Seriously, Its going to be a PARTY! After the cruise, we are so lucky to be able to go to Brian's sister's house and spend thanksgiving with her!  We are excited to see Katie, Nathan and their two cute girls, Kayla and Adella.

...But I dont know if we can make it till Saturday...