Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Playing Mom

Well, I am on one of my last days of babysitting for Bryan and Donna's eight kids.  I really have enjoyed the time I have been here.  There have been up sides, and downsides.  I feel like I have learned how to wake up to kids in the night and not be upset about the beauty sleep I could be missing on.  I have learned to be careful when get scared!  Aunts should never yell at their nieces or nephews.  Oh my, and keeping a kitchen clean is pretty much impossible! Another thing I have learned, by the point a family reaches eight kids, the first three kids are way helpful with cleaning.  it is amazing what six extra hands can do.  2 hours of work can easily turn into 30 minutes. 
I have a new respect for mothers.  They sacrifice their time, energy and sleep on their kids.  Donna is so patient with her kids.  Hopefully I havent scarred them too much since I have been with them.  They definitely know what I dont like.  Just the other day when I got home, one of the kids hands were in the chips. He hid them behind his back and started walking backward. They give me this look like..uh oh!  Aunt Michelle is here.  Dang I am mean.  I just dont want them to spoil their dinner is all!  :)
Carter-the youngest boy who is 3 has definitely grown on me since I have been here.  When he asks me for a cookie and I say yes, the sweetest smile comes to his face as he jumps up and down and yells "YAY!"  There are those just now..when he asks and I say that he can after dinner.  He proceeds to cry. Dang, I am mean.  On the upside, he forgets quickly!  :)
Gretchen-Okay the reason I am talking about the 14 year old is because she has been a lot of help with the two youngest kids. For instance, on Saturday morning at 5:30, after staying up until three with the oldest, Shantelle (yes i am that responsible) I heard a cry outside of my door.  It was Carter.  I just knew it!  I crawled out of bed with only 2 hours of sleep and gretchen was sitting by Carter.  Gretchen looked at me and said I got it Aunt Michelle, go back to bed.  The only thing I did was say Okay.  I was back in bed asleep 30 seconds later.  Wow, gretchen is more responsible than I am!  Sadly last night the same thing happened but this time poor carter didnt want Gretchen.  Gretchen came into my room so I could help Carter. Brian tried, but to no avail.  I was in there within 2 minutes.  Gretchen also helped so much with putting the 3 little boys to bed.  She slept with carter in her bed one night.  :) what a nice sister.
All in all, this has been very educational and there have been many fun times while here.  I loved playing mom for a week.  Now I know what I have to look forward to..