Sunday, November 20, 2011


I definitely found a new recipe that I love!  Homemade PIZZA is my new favorite thing!  I have made it like once a week for the last like 10 weeks.  It is just too good to pass up!  It is easy, and cheesy!

The other day, while making pizza, I decided to make it better than ever by adding extra cheese, extra sauce, extra pepperonis, olives, and extra bell peppers!  It was a beautiful pizza that was heavier than normal.  Seriously I was so proud of it, I called Brian and told him to skip the rest of his class and that the best pizza he would ever taste was going to be out of the oven in 5 minutes! 

I went to pull the pizza out of the oven one handed when I hit the roof of the oven trying to get to the stove top.  I grabbed the pan with my other hand, unprotected, flinched from the agonizing pain while the pizza slid off the pan back into the oven ...UPSIDE DOWN!  Yes, this is real.  There was my masterpiece pizza upside down in the oven.  Cheese was burning everywhere!  I texted brian and told him he couldn't make fun of me.  As nice as he is, he came in, saw the mess, gave me a kiss, and ate the sauceless, cheeseless pizza.  What a sweetie.

The next day, I decided i wanted to go to zumba.  I came home from work and started cooking as fast as I could for dinner.  I turned on the oven and 5 minutes later, the fire alarm was going off in the house!  I had forgotten that I had had a pizza fall back into the oven!  Needless to say, I did not make it to zumba, but cleaned the oven out for about a half an hour. 

I wish I would have taken a picture of the mess in the oven, then the mess on the floor from the oven the next day.  It was quite the adventure.  We wont be having pizza again anytime soon.

The End

Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween, Mothers and stuffed peppers

I must admit that Friday night's football game was not fully watched by me or Brian.  Instead, we left at half time to go to our ward party.  I was happy to leave because we were losing pretty badly.  Brian and I had an enjoyable time.  He dressed up as THOR and I went as .....people called me the sexy kitten.  I meant to be cat woman.  Whatever works though.  I really had a favorite outfit, and that was for sure Kyle and Ashlan's monkey suit with their new born Madeline as the banana they were fighting over.  Ashlan made their outfits!  How adorable! 

Next we had a picture with Bat man 2x cat woman and THOR!!

Not going to lie to you..Brian was the strongest one up there for the best costume!  They had a dance off, but brian cant dance, so he did the next best thing....PUSHUPS!

 What halloween party is complete without the doughnut eating contest?  Nothing compares!!

Oh, did I tell you I am slightly a fan of this baby?  cuz I am...  

My mom came into town on Saturday. It was fun to have her for a couple of hours because she is going to be leaving in about 20 days for Cypress, in the Athens, Greece mission.  I am so happy for them.  Before my mom came, she ordered one of my finest meals for Saturday night's dinner.  We had stuffed peppers!  My mom raved about them for hours!  I was really happy with her excitement.  She really loved it and said dad would probably never eat it though.  Here is a picture of my masterpiece!!
Seriously, delish

Recipe from the Flake Family cookbook
Stuffed Peppers (Sarah Flake)

6 lg bell peppers
1lb lean ground beef
2T onion, chopped (Brian and I dont like onions..and dont put this in)
1 C rice, cooked
1tsp salt
1 clove garlic, minced
1 (15 oz) can tomato sauce
3/4 C mozzarella cheese, grated

Cut thin slice from stem end of each bell pepper.  Remove seeds and membranes; rinse peppers.  Cook peppers in enough boiling water to cover them, about 5 minutes just until soft.  Drain.  Cook beef and onion in 10 inch skillet over medium heat 8 to 10 minutes, stirring occasionally until beef is brown; drain.  Stir in rice, salt, garlic and 1 cup of tomato sauce; cook until hot.  Heat oven to 250 degrees.  Stuff peppers with beef mixture.  Stand upright in ungreased square baking dish 8x8x2 inches.  Pour remaining tomato sauce over peppers.  Cover and bake 45 minutes.  Uncover and bake about 15 minutes longer or until peppers are tender.  Sprinkle with cheese and serve