Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Michelle's baby growing skills

 People say to make sure to take a photo every few weeks till baby comes. Here is the journey! Enjoy
6 weeks along (Jennifers house - Washington)

7 weeks (TLF Landstuhl)
9 weeks (TLF Landstuhl)

11 weeks (Speyer Germany)

12 weeks (Rhine River)
14 weeks (Announcement photo - Home in Spesbach, Germany)

17 weeks (Spesbach Germany)
18 weeks (Austrian Alps)

20 weeks (Anniversary in Switzerland)
21 weeks (Brucken Germany - Madi Brown's Party)
23 weeks (Majorca Spain)
24 weeks (Frankfurt Germany)
26 weeks (Home: Spesbach Germany)
27 weeks (Paris, France Catacombs)
29 weeks (Home: Spesbach, Germany)
31 weeks (Home: Spesbach, Germany)
32 weeks (Fussen, Germany)
34 weeks (Baby shower, Germany)
36 weeks Polish Pottery Shopping  (Poland)
38 weeks at home
39 weeks (Austria..just days before going into labor)

Smith Falco Hayes - Born September 24, 2016 @ 6:26 am


  1. you have some amazing baby growing skills! love the bump progression pics and can't wait to cuddle little Smith and see you guys again some day!

  2. This is Cami. I didn't know you still blogged. Love this!